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Monday, May 30, 2016 

Q: Chest-Xray immediately after pneumonectomy shows postpneumonectomy space filled with air. At what rate fluid accumulates in the empty  postpneumonectomy space?

Answer: At a rate of one to two intercostal spaces per day. 

CXR immediately after postpneumonectomy shows relatively clear, stable CXR with trachea at midline and the postpneumonectomy space filled with air. After a day, CXR findings become apparent with elevation of  ipsilateral hemidiaphragm  and the mediastinum shifting towards postpneumonectomy side. Fluid accumulates at a rate of one to two intercostal spaces per day, and it takes about 2 weeks to  postpneumonectomy space filled with fluid.


Munden RF, O'Sullivan PJ, Liu P, Vaporciyan AA. Radiographic evaluation of the pleural fluid accumulation rate after pneumonectomy. Clin Imaging 2015; 39:247.

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