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Tuesday October 5, 2015


Q: All of the following are true of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax (PSP) except?

A) Age between 20 and 40

B) History of smoking

C) Family history

D) Physical exertion

E) Association with homocystinuria

Answer: D

Paradoxically and interestingly, Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax (PSP) usually happens at rest. All other risk factors given above are true with PSP. It is also associated with marfan syndrome and menstruation (catamenial pneumothorax).





 1. Bense L, Wiman LG, Hedenstierna G. Onset of symptoms in spontaneous pneumothorax: correlations to physical activity. Eur J Respir Dis 1987; 71:181. 

 2. Johnson MM. Catamenial pneumothorax and other thoracic manifestations of endometriosis. Clin Chest Med 2004; 25:311.


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